Ocean22 Group

EHR Chat is empowered by the Ocean22 Group, a Medical Technology Consultant firm based in the United States and Europe. We have headquarters in New York and Texas with satellite offices in North Carolina and Florida.

Our group is comprised of Microsoft Technology Consultants that have a myriad of medical backgrounds. We support our professional knowledgebase with Nurses, Nurse Managers, Nurse Lawyers, Pharmacy Technicians and Risk Managers that have combined expertise in Software Development, Web Development, Data Development, Conversion and ETL, Industrial Design, Video Journalism and Green Design. Our affiliates base includes a HIMSS Certified Fellow and a National EHR Expert, a National SBA lender, and a Harvard Medical School Fellow, a major Billing solutions company and Allscripts, the foremost EHR provider.

Our core business model encompasses producing Technology Solutions that are designed from the Medical Professionals perspective. As we enter into the Digital Era traditional tools should not be eliminated and replaced with computers but morph into digitalized data capture solutions. At Ocean22 we push the limits of design to incorporate cost effective, easy-to-use, technology enhanced solutions that allow Medical Professionals to perform their duties the Good Old fashioned way.

To learn more, visit the Ocean22 Group website.