EHR Repair: How to get the EHR you purchased up and running!

Author: Allison Tracey

Insider Info: Fix the EHR glitches that they say can’t be fixed!

The Dream: So you bought an EHR with the mindset that your workload would be auto-magically reduced. The Reality: Flash forward six months, you are now doing twice the amount of work that you used to! What went wrong?

It’s simple; most practices don’t ask all that they need to know prior to purchasing their EHR. After asking all the standard questions that usually come up during demos of EHR’s the most important question is often left out.   The next set of questions should be focused on “how” your practice will work when it has an EHR in place. NOT, how the EHR works or what flashy objects it comes with.

Dependent on your specialty, you should have a list of questions on “how” your EHR will be implemented.

But you already have an EHR. So, what can you do now?
Let’s Focus in on “how” your practice will repair its current setup.

STEP ONE: Identify the glitches
When something bothers about your EHR setup write it down and be specific. Yes it’s yet another step. Trust me, it will prove worthwhile. Plus nowadays, if you don’t want to write it down you can record it or who can resist just having Siri write it for you.

STEP TWO: Contact Support
Call the support desk for your EHR with your list of glitches. Supply the support team with a checklist and go over each point. This will normally cause your case to be moved up the support desk food chain to a supervisor or at least someone that can manage more than one task at a time.

NO TIME FOR STEPS ONE or TWO: Call in the heavy guns

  • Get a FREE Online EHR Repair Evaluation. These companies will also offer EHR & Billing Repair.
  • Hire an EHR Consultant: There are consultants that will give a discounted or FREE evaluation with purchase of their services.
  • Get an outside company to do the Billing. Most EHR setups struggle to get the billing piece working. Hire an outsourced or online biller to do the work for you.

LAST STEP: Send your questions to us at EHR Chat                                                  We will do our best to get answers for you from your vendor if we can’t answer them ourselves.


  • Buy from an EHR sales team that implements and supports as well. They can’t run and they can’t hide after the sell you all the miracles of an EHR.
  • Use a trusted EHR consultant from beginning to end. An EHR can make your practice cost effective if implemented properly. Don’t skimp on having it done right from the start.
  • Ask about the support for the EHR. Identify who will handle enhancements and customization of your EHR after the initial setup period.
  • Ask about what comes pre-configured and what data will be converted. Ease your workload up front as much as possible. Determine how much of the old chart you will scan. Determine whether a data conversion would be beneficial. Determine how to zero out balances in your previous PM system. Determine how to take care of any AR. Oh wait…that’s another one of our EHR Chat topics…

COMING SOON: STEP BY STEP EHR SETUP BASICS                                                        We’ll tell you exactly how to streamline your implementation to your practice.

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